Notice for Course Purchases

Notes on Course Purchases

I strive to deliver tremendous value in my online courses.  I am confident that you will love the material and will learn a great deal from it.  I also strive to give you full transparency when it comes to purchasing my online courses.  When you purchase a course, you agree to the following:

1. In my Cookie Academy, I give out my recipes as part of the course.  While I am confident that the knowledge you gain will far exceed the price you paid, I need to tell you that since I give out my recipes, that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

2. For Courses Purchased On Installment/Monthly Payments - I understand that not everyone has the money upfront to purchase my course.  Some of my products will have payment plans that you can use.  These allow you to pay a smaller amount each month rather than a amount upfront.  There are some things to be aware of with the installment plans:

a. Paying in full saves you money

b. It is your responsibility to ensure that the installment payments are paid in a timely  manner.  If a credit card payment gets rejected, I reserve the right to remove your access to the course/Facebook groups immediately until the course is paid for in full.

3. When it comes to starting your business, the information presented here is for educational purposes only.  It is NOT intended to be legal, tax, or accounting advice.  If you are unsure, always ask an attorney or accountant before starting a business.

4. I am a member of the Amazon Associates program.  Some of the handouts have links to my Amazon shop page.  I do receive a small commission if you purchase products using those links.  This does not result in additional cost to you.

5. Any Facebook group interactions (comments, etc...) should be courteous and respectful.  Bullying and other disrespectful behavior will. not be tolerated and will result in your removal from the Facebook group.

6. By purchasing the course, you agree not to copy, redistribute, or modify the course contents for resale.

Purchases of Next Level Cookie Club Memberships

I always strive to deliver multiples of value over the price you pay for a membership.  You should expect and receive tremendous value many times over what you pay for membership to the Next Level Cookie Club.

Before deciding to purchase, I believe in full transparency.  Therefore, when you join the Next Level Cookie Club, you agree to the following:

1.) You can cancel anytime; however, there are no prorations on memberships.  Therefore, please carefully choose the length of membership before committing. Your membership will stop at the end of the period for which you paid for.  

1a.) You can cancel the membership yourself, or you can ask Summer to do it.  However, please allow at least one week of lead-time if you choose to ask Summer to cancel.

2.) Be patient with updates.  The Kajabi site will get some updates to make the information easier to find. 

3.) Join, join, join the Facebook group if you have Facebook.  You will get exposure to a WONDERFUL group of people that can help you grow your decorating and business skills.

4.) You agree to be respectful, courteous to others in the group.  Additionally, unless agreed in writing with Summer's Sweet Shoppe, LLC, you will not promote or solicit any business from any group members.  Any violation of those rules will result in you bring removed from the Facebook group. 

Notes on Challenges 

1.) By purchasing the course you agree not to copy, modify, redistribute the contents of the course for resale.  This includes videos and any handouts associated with the challenge.

2.) All sales are final



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